The Club Foundation Board of Governors

2023 Board

Left to right, top to bottom:
Row 1: Blaine A. Burgess, CCM, CCE; Michael Seabrook, CCM, CCE; Joe Mendez, CCM, CCE; Richard LaRocca, CCM, CCE; TJ Diagne
Row 2: Kelley J. Williams, CCM; Mitchell Platt MCM, CCE; Elisha Cicerone, CCM; Randy Ruder, CCM, CCE
Row 3: Todd Marsh, CCM, CCE; Joe Oswald; Terra S.H. Waldron, CCM, CCE; Jeffrey Morgan, FASAE, CAE
Row 4: Adam Harris; LuAnn Giovannelli, CCM, CAM; Nicholas LaRocca; Fred Palmer

Nicholas LaRocca
Nicholas LaRocca
Muirfield Village Golf Club,
Dublin, OH
LuAnn Giovannelli, CCM, CAM
Vice Chairman
LuAnn Giovannelli, CCM, CAM
Bay Colony Community Association,
Naples, FL

Todd Marsh
Todd Marsh, CCM, CCE
Conway Farms Golf Club,
Lake Forest, IL

Randy Ruder, CCM, CCE
Randy Ruder, CCM, CCE
Beach Point Club,
Mamaroneck, NY


Blaine A. Burgess, CCM, CCE Blaine A. Burgess, CCM, CCE
Country Club of Little Rock,
Little Rock, AR

Elisha Cicerone, CCM Elisha Cicerone, CCM
Saddle & Cycle Club
Chicago, IL

TJ Diagne TJ Diagne
The Springhaven Club,
Wallingford, PA

Adam Harris Adam Harris

Richard LaRocca, CCM, CCE Richard LaRocca, CCM, CCE
St. Clair Country Club,
Upper St. Clair, PA

Joe Mendez Joe Mendez, CCM, CCE
Doylestown Country Club,
Doylestown, PA

Jeff Morgan
Jeffrey Morgan, FASAE, CAE
CEO, Club Management Association of America (CMAA),
Alexandria, VA

Joe Oswald Joe Oswald
Jonas Software

Fred Palmer Fred Palmer
Club Car LLC

Mitchell Platt, MCM, CCE Mitchell Platt MCM, CCE
Cosmos Club,
Washington, DC

Michael Seabrook, CCM, CCE Michael Seabrook, CCM, CCE
Belle Meade Country Club,
Nashville, TN

Terra Waldron, CCM, CCE Terra S.H. Waldron, CCM, CCE
Desert Mountain,
Scottsdale, AZ
Kelley J. Williams, CCM Kelley J. Williams, CCM
Carolinas Chapter

Key Staff

Ava Spece joined CMAA in 2020 and serves as the Director of The Club Foundation. She has more than 20 years experience leading both not-for-profit and for-profit companies, primarily in visual and performing arts. As a philanthropic leader of organizations in Texas, Virginia, and DC, she has substantially increased the revenue of each organization she has championed.

At CMAA, she is responsible for overseeing The Club Foundation's critical scholarship program, which provides professional development grants to clubs, chapters, club staff, and students. She takes the lead on securing the funding needed to fulfill the foundation’s mission.

She has served on multiple advocacy boards including DC Advocates for the Arts and Virginians for the Arts. She has presented in various university, adult education, and community settings and presented to the National Endowment for the Arts, in addition to the Texas and Virginia state legislatures and DC Council. She had the privilege of bringing youth musicians to perform for Bush and Obama administrations at the White House and has been interviewed for numerous press outlets including NPR and the Washington Post.

She has continued her education in nonprofit administration as a participant in the Standards of Excellence program and DeVos Institute. Ava holds a bachelors degree in music education, enjoys spending her free time painting and walking, and lives with her husband in Northern Virginia.