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Meet your colleagues who are fueling the future of the club industry by helping to fund scholarships and grants or by tapping into the resources The Club Foundation provides. We are spotlighting those individuals who benefit from the scholarship opportunities, those who contribute to the Foundation regularly, and the many who do both.

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Meet Carolyn!

Recently, we had the privilege of talking with Carolyn Rehman who currently serves as Director of Human Resources at the Cosmos Club in Washington, DC. Carolyn started her path to a career in the club industry while still in college, completing summer internships at Chevy Chase Club, Columbia Country Club, and Cosmos Club. After graduating from James Madison University with her degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management, she continued this path, first as an Assistant Manager at Columbia Country Club, then as Member Events Manager at The University Club of Washington, DC, and now at the Cosmos Club. She is a 13-year member of both CMAA and NCCMA, having served on the board of NCCMA for four years. She received her CCM designation in 2017 and her SHRM-CP designation in 2019.
Here is a great picture of Carolyn with James Mayo, Dining Room Expeditor, at Cosmos Club as he wins his 3rd TV during the annual staff holiday party.
Carolyn is a vivacious supporter of The Club Foundation, as a scholarship recipient, donor, and champion. She is a 2022 Sally Burns Rambo Scholar and was also one of the featured scholarship recipients in the 2022 Club Foundation video.
Carolyn Rehman
Carolyn Rehman

Ava: What is your favorite thing about the work that you do?

Carolyn: I love working with our Cosmos Club team. It is always rewarding to help an employee solve a work or personal dilemma or celebrate a huge success. When an employee comes to my office with a concern and leaves with a smile on their face, it is incredibly rewarding.

Ava: You recently received a Sally Burns Rambo Scholarship from The Club Foundation – why is that important to you and what difference has it made in your career trajectory?

Carolyn: The scholarship is important to me because it provides me and other club professionals the opportunity to better ourselves. I find the BMI courses and other educational opportunities energize me and help me tackle new changes when I get back to the club. They help me be better today than I was yesterday! Receiving this scholarship provides me the opportunity to go to a BMI course that may not directly relate to my position but will provide me with extra resources to further my career.

Ava: Can you tell us a story about your most memorable club member?

Carolyn: One of my past members mentored a student originally from North Korea who escaped the country and finally made it to the United States after quite an experience. His compassion for her and her story was inspiring. He introduced us and our friendship has changed the way I look at life. She wanted to tell her story and asked me to help her tell it at an International Committee event. The member moderated and I helped her develop answers to the questions. It was an amazing event, but most importantly it helped build her network of support and gave her relationships that certainly would change her life forever.

Ava: What is your favorite meal served at your club?

Carolyn: It is definitely our Baltimore-style crab cake with a Cosmos Club popover and honey butter.

Ava: What’s the best professional advice you’ve been given relative to the club industry?

Carolyn: Do not make assumptions and try to see others’ perspectives before making decisions. Reacting before getting the whole story never leads to the results you want in the end.

Ava: Why is The Club Foundation mission important?

Carolyn: The Foundation and its mission provide opportunities for those in Clubs to better themselves, which in turn continues to elevate our industry as a whole.

Ava: You have also given donations to The Club Foundation, why is that important to you? 

Carolyn: It is important for me to donate to the Foundation to help fellow club professionals thrive. I give because I love to share the gift of education and networking with others. The scholarships provide opportunities that change lives forever!

Ava: Why should CMAA members donate to The Club Foundation?

Carolyn: You should donate to the Foundation because it helps your fellow colleagues achieve their goals and dreams. That is a beautiful thing!